MEDITECH is expanding its population health management offering with Expanse Population Insight. Population Insight uses the power of the Expanse EHR platform to provide data analytics and care delivery with demonstrated expertise in data aggregation and organization. This will help healthcare organizations to get a comprehensive view of their population health requirements.

How will the Expanse Population Insight benefit healthcare organizations?

Since payment models are evolving and healthcare sector drivers like consumerism and health equity are reshaping care delivery, MEDITECH EHR Software users must have the complete patient picture, irrespective of where the patient receives care.

MEDITECH’s population health management tool will enable users to leverage robust data assets seamlessly from their native electronic health records workflow to better comprehend community health needs. This way, clinicians can cater to the specific needs of their communities.

Expanse Population Insight will offer valuable insights to clinicians regarding care gaps, patient population risk, and care utilization. The health population health management tool will use aggregated data from sources like claims and EHR software to provide these insights to providers. Care managers can be in a better position to prioritize outreach efforts and set up interventions to deliver high-quality patient care.

The insights provided by Expanse Population Insight have the goal to address social determinants of health, detect opportunities to enhance health outcome levels, and improving the management of patient costs.

Using data insights

Once healthcare organizations have insights into data, they can use it to better manage costs and enhance health outcome levels which is the ultimate goal of healthcare. The insights regarding risk distribution and gap opportunities can be used to meet evolving patient needs. These advancements by MEDITECH can improve population health management to enhance systems that affect healthcare quality, access, and outcomes. This can eventually improve the health of the entire population.