The infection control market is witnessing a surge in adoption rates. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of effective infection control solutions. Healthcare organizations in the US are considering infection control health IT with technical assistance for improved health outcomes and optimized reporting, according to a  KLAS report.

KLAS report on infection control 2023

The KLAS report on infection control 2023 observes how infection control vendors are helping users achieve customer satisfaction and how well vendors can support healthcare organizations in the future to deal with healthcare emergencies.

Key findings from the KLAS report

  • The five health IT vendors that are part of the report have an impact on the respondent’s clinical, reporting, and patient outcome levels.
  • Respondents of every vendor reported that their solutions helped to reduce hospital-acquired infections every year.
  • Wolters Kluwer Health helped enhance outcomes through robust reporting and trusted clinical technology.
  • Epic EMR Software was seen as a long-term solution, however, users feel that there is room for improvement in the software product.

Epic Bugsy technology

Epic Bugsy is an infection control module released by Epic software. The solution provides powerful tools to monitor patients at risk for infection and help identify patients requiring isolation. The Bugsy application also seamlessly integrates with Beaker, Epic’s lab product.

Many users are leaving their infection control health IT solutions and embracing the Epic Bugsy platform. The Epic EHR systems Bugsy application facilitates simple data aggregation for regulatory reporting.

In the past, some users were dissatisfied with Epic Bugsy technology but now they are seeing improvements in the application. The software vendor has listened to the feedback from its customers and as a result, has enhanced the usability of the solution, dashboards, and reporting features.

Epic’s respondents are satisfied with the product’s capability but some users feel functionality and usability can improve. Strong internal technical support that helps users configure the solution better can satisfy customers. The right infection control solutions can help prevent or stop the spread of infections in the healthcare setting and enhance health outcome levels.

Importance of infection control solutions

Infection control solutions can empower clinicians to effectively manage infections. Powerful infection control solutions include analysis, reporting, and surveillance features to help identify patients that are at risk. Infection control modules from different health IT vendors can protect healthcare workers and patients from infectious disease leading to healthy populations.