Care coordination is one of the main goals of healthcare providers. Care coordination between providers helps to meet patient needs in the best way and reduces any gaps in care. Effective care coordination is when all members involved in the patient’s care process irrespective of location or specialty can communicate and collaborate seamlessly. To achieve this very goal a regional acute-care facility has announced a Cerner EHR Software implementation. The hospital aims to achieve improved care coordination and enhance the overall patient experience with Cerner’s Electronic Health Records Software powerful technology.

Higher Quality Care and Care Coordination with Cerner EHR Software Technology

Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR Software has a single integrated EMR Software solution that can help meet patient preferences and needs effectively. Earlier, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater Country (MHSC) had more than nine separate systems. These EHR Software systems enabled the hospital to conduct patient documentation, billing, coding, scheduling, and registration. Having a single integrated software system means greater workflow efficiency and also requires dealing with only one EHR Software vendor that is Cerner. Cerner EMR Software is known for its good reputation and user-friendly software systems with powerful capabilities that can help streamline clinical, financial, and administrative workflows.

The integrated medical record will allow surgeons and healthcare providers to have access to all patient information from one software system. This will make way for efficiencies and improve patient outcome levels as doctors can access the information they need more conveniently and promptly.

Cerner EHR Software platform is integrated with acute care venues to support seamless data sharing to boost care coordination. The hospital’s providers can communicate effectively to offer patient-centered care to offer high-quality patient care.

Cerner EHR Software implementation will also allow patients to have 24/7 access to the online Patient Portal software platform. This access will empower patients as they can conveniently and safely message their providers on a HIPAA Compliant platform. Through the robust patient portal software system patients of MHSC can also schedule online appointments in a breeze and pay payments. By participating in their healthcare process patients can feel satisfied and happy.

Collaboration with Cerner EHR Software solution

The hospital decided to collaborate with Cerner after viewing multiple software demos and conducting numerous calls. Seamless data exchange has a positive impact on every healthcare organization. The interoperable software solutions offered by Cerner will empower providers at MHSC with real-time access to data that can support informed care decisions.