Hunt Regional Healthcare located in Northeast Texas has announced Cerner’s cloud-based Electronic Health Records Software implementation to boost care coordination. The EHR Software technology will help to improve care coordination by facilitating the seamless exchange of patient health data which will in turn also offer high-quality patient care.

The healthcare organization will implement the Cerner EHR Software platform, Millennium in all of its 18 clinics. The millennium software solution provides smooth integration across the continuum of care which can help providers at Hunt Regional Healthcare to make informed decisions regarding the patient’s treatment process.

Benefits of using Cerner’s cloud-based EMR Software Solution

The powerful cloud-based EHR implementation will provide physicians with real-time access to patient data which can improve healthcare delivery. With Cerner’s interoperable solutions, clinicians have to spend less time finding the information required which allows them to focus on the patient.

Hunt Regional Healthcare’s aim to offer unsurpassed patient care will be met by investing in cloud-based EHR Software solutions. Cerner’s software system is easy to implement and use by everyone in the healthcare organization. The user interface is intuitive which will be easy to navigate and yield maximum benefit from the software.

Cloud-based EMR Software solutions are known for their flexibility, better interoperability options, and improved patient security. Cloud technology offers greater security as they meet HIPAA Compliance. When the software platform is HIPAA Compliant it means that it offers robust security and encryption of patient data against any cyber-attacks. Patients these days are concerned about data privacy and Hunt Regional Healthcare wants its patients to have peace of mind by ensuring that sensitive patient health data is protected round the clock.

The accuracy and speed of Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR Software solutions mean that the healthcare organization can save money in the future. There is no need to install expensive servers and this also eliminates the cost of maintenance.

Furthermore, patients can feel empowered as the patient portal is seamlessly integrated with Cerner’s EHR Software. Patients can easily view their health records, receive lab results and easily pay medical bills. The platform also encourages 24/7 patient-provider communication through two-way text messaging facility.

A Healthy Collaboration

The collaboration between Cerner and Hunt Regional Healthcare will help the healthcare organization achieve its goals by taking patient care to the next level and supporting care coordination between care providers. Cerner provides consistent implementation support which will enable the staff members at the healthcare organization to easily adopt the new Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software system.