Epic electronic health records software provider has announced to launch life sciences program to unify clinical research with care delivery. The program aims to facilitate healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and, medical device makers to recruit participants for their research and develop the access of clinical trials to underrepresented communities. It will also pace the development of new therapies.

What is Epic’s life sciences program?

The Life Sciences program can help smoothly connect participant patients, providers, and research sponsors through one system. When clinical research is unified through care delivery and creating a direct connection to study sponsors this will progress the development of new therapies making studies effective and efficient.

Epic EMR software is used by providers all over the world to conduct more than 100,000 active research studies with 4.7 million patients. Epic is one of the prominent organizations that facilitate health research. There is room for opportunity to speed up medical advancement by improving the interaction between patients, providers, and sponsors.

These days majority of the clinical trials use disconnected systems leading to duplicative effort and poor communication. These inefficiencies can discourage both doctors and patients to take part in the research.

The initial stage of the Life Sciences program

The primary focus of the Life Sciences program includes,

  • Matching participating healthcare providers with clinical trial opportunities best suited to their patient populations.
  • Sending the participating providers purpose-built cosmos searches to help them verify if the trial is right for them.
  • Making clinical trials more accessible.
  • Boosting clinical trial efficiency by seamlessly connecting doctors, patients, and researchers through a single unified platform.
  • Providing clinicians with point-of-care insights about patients who have a probability of qualifying for a trial.

Through Epic’s Life Sciences program clinical trials can get accurate and efficient helping patients to have quicker access to life-altering therapies to enhance health outcome levels.