Healthcare organizations realize that interoperability is crucial to improve patient care and support care coordination. Health systems are investing in EMR software solutions that enhance the patient experience, streamline clinical workflows, and help drive interoperability.

TN health system implements Epic EMR system

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH) located in Tennessee has recently announced the implementation of Epic software to improve interoperability options for better care coordination between clinicians.

The comprehensive all-in-one platform of Epic will ensure that all patient health data is available on a single system to ensure providers have easy access to critical information to support decision-making.

Across the care continuum Epic software technology will allow care teams, physicians, and primary care offices to have secure access to patient records.  Patients at MLH can also use the MyChart patient portal platform to view lab results, schedule appointments, update health information, and request prescription refills.

Cherry Country Hospital selects MEDITECH EMR to enhance the patient experience

Cherry Country Hospital and Clinic in Nebraska has decided to leverage MEDITECH EHR Software to get all their hospitals, clinics, and home care under a single unified platform. MEDITECH Expanse will enable providers to have easy access to patient records and increase efficiency levels. The robust features offered by the electronic medical records system will also streamline administrative and clinical tasks which will allow physicians to focus on patient care.

The one-record approach of the software technology will also bolster patient engagement levels. Patient engagement is critical to keep patients involved throughout their healthcare journey and even increases patient retention rates. Patients will have better access to their health records, thus empowering them and engaging them.

Women’s Health Group leverages eClinicalWorks software to improve efficiency levels

Atlanta Women’s Health Group has recently tapped eClinicalWorks EMR solution for scalability and also to improve the care delivery process. The healthcare organization used five different systems for reporting, patient management, and other tasks before transitioning to eClinicalWorks software. The powerful cloud technology of the system will support the organization’s growth plans and other clinical goals.

The cloud-based EMR software technology by eClinicalWorks supports unlimited data storage with enhanced data collection and superior security and encryption.

The recent EHR software investments reflect a greater focus on interoperability and improved patient experience in the healthcare arena. It is good to know that healthcare organizations are capitalizing on technology solutions that drive interoperability and keep patients satisfied through enhanced patient experiences.