As expected from the booming healthcare industry, where the sizes of medical practices working and the number of medical specialties being offered is changing every day, the types of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software being offered also change every day. In such a dynamic industry, not all Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software being offered by the vendors are created equal. An EMR Software System that is perfect for a large hospital, might be too costly for the smaller clinics.

The EMR/EHR or Practice Management (PM) Software needs vary from practice to practice. All the information you need to be aware of before buying an EHR System suitable for your practice size is listed below.

Small Practice Size

  • Cloud-Based Options: With a Cloud-based EMR Software, your practice does not have to care about the hassle of maintaining a server. The software vendor takes care of all the upgrades and troubleshoots while you enjoy your software hassle-free. A Cloud-Based HR software also has a low upfront cost which is an important factor for smaller practices.
  • Customer-Service: When the staff size is not very large, small software issues can get really crucial since there aren’t a lot of IT people around. Vendors with quick customer service can be really helpful in such cases since they can help you get rid of the issue right on the spot.

Specialty Clinics

  • Tailored Templates: If your practice operates in a certain medical specialty, selecting the right specialty specific EMR software will enable you to use templates designed specifically for your specialty. This will make the workflow more efficient since you won’t have to adjust each template individually.
  • Responsive Support: As a specialty specific clinic, you are dealing with the patients of one medical specialty only. In such cases, software bugs need to be dealt with more carefully. Select vendors who are known for their quick responsiveness in case of any difficulties.


  • Mobile Compatibility: For solo practitioners, compatibility with mobile devices is essential. You need to be able to answer all the customer queries and view all the important data on the go. A Mobile EMR Software will help you in making important decisions and monitoring your practice’s performance remotely.
  • Voice Recognition: This additional feature is not offered by all the EHR & PM Software vendors but is an important one. Physicians can dictate reports or notes to the software, saving a lot of their time. This helps them dedicate maximum time to their patients since solo-practitioners already work alone and don’t have a lot of time on their hands.