The first half of 2018 will have the launch of multiple implementations of Cerner EHR, along with the aim of improving various administration functions and care coordination. The healthcare industry has continued to evolve for the last couple of years. The practices of all sizes with many different specialties are working to adopt the latest healthcare technologies that will ease their work and will ensure finest patient care. The medical organizations are always looking for new healthcare software that will improve their routine work, save time and money.

So far, there are many implementations that have taken place this year, and more are expected in the coming months. This article will help us look how some of the providers are working to improve the implementation process for their Electronic Health Record software.

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National Agencies adopting Cerner

EHR implementations made it to the headlines when federal agencies, VA and Coast Guard decided to opt Cerner for a change.

Veteran Affairs

In May 2018, a $10 billion contract was signed by Veteran Affairs after a month of negotiations. VA wanted an implementation just like DoD’s MHS GENISIS EHR system which was backed by the Cerner platform.

According to the Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, the new software will improve the data exchange process for the agency.

Wilkie said, “When fully deployed, the new system will represent a monumental advance in Veterans’ health care — bigger than VA’s initial deployment of electronic health records 40 years ago. We appreciate the DoD’s willingness to share its experiences implementing its electronic health record.”

Coast Guard

In April 2018, the Coast Guard also announced that it will opt Department of Defense’s existing MHS GENESIS EHR, with an ongoing $4.3 billion contract with Leidos and Cerner.

The Coast Guard will benefit from the expertise and resources of DoD’s IOC (Initial Operating Capability). “Coast Guard has already started looking at their infrastructure to make sure they’re meeting the minimum needs” said Cummings.

Rankin County Hospital District

Rankin County Hospital District, a Texas based hospital adopted Cerner EHR system to improve the clinical and admin work.

The hospital implemented Cerner’s CommunityWorks deployment model and said that they had “an incredibly smooth go-live.”

Jim Horton CEO RCHD said, “One place we noticed an immediate impact was in our daily revenue cycle meetings. We are now able to reconcile the previous day’s revenue very accurately and our meetings are getting shorter and shorter, freeing us up to handle other parts of our operations.”

The new system adopted will help providers in RCHD’s emergency services department, family practice medical clinic, acute care department, outpatient lab, and some other departments. The staff can now have easy accessibility to the patient data, medical history etc.

CommunityWorks President and Cerner Senior Vice President Mitchell Clark said, “With an integrated EHR now in use by RCHD clinicians, they will be able to promote the health and wellness of the Rankin community in new and exciting ways. RCHD has seen some great early successes since their implementation and we cannot wait to see how they will use the unified system to improve the health of the people they serve.”