Having an effective and robust Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solution is one of the top priorities of healthcare organizations, as it helps to improve efficiency levels, streamline workflows and enhance patient care.

Switching to Cerner EMR Software system

Crook Country Medical Services District (CCMSD) located in Wyoming has decided to implement Cerner EHR software to propel patient safety and combat the issue of clinician burnout according to a  report from The Sundance Times. CCMSD was currently dissatisfied with its software solution and is switching to a new electronic health records solution hoping to increase efficiency levels.

Issues with the current electronic health records system

The current software system which was being used was a hurdle in the productivity levels as it asked for a lot of “useless clicking.” Increasing the time taken to complete a task. For example, the staff members had to go through many screens during the patient check-in process and had difficulty tracking referrals.

The EMR software selection process

A ten-month EHR selection process committee was able to put together all the available EMR software vendors in the market and eventually narrowed their list containing the top 3 picks. The committee then contacted the software vendors to ask them how their software solution can help address the challenges faced by the care organization currently.

Two vendors were eliminated by the committee because one software vendor required millions of dollars of infrastructure and the other one did not sell its services to critical access hospitals. The committee was impressed by Cerner’s electronic medical records solution. The committee liked how they could directly communicate with the vendor’s representatives and they gave timely responses plus in-person software demos were offered which provided a clear picture of how the software solution works.

Benefits of using Cerner’s platform for Crook Country Medical Services District

Cerner EHR Software offers a set of powerful tools which can streamline clinical workflows of the healthcare organization by eliminating unnecessary steps to perform a task. This can also help alleviate clinician burnout and improve the provider’s efficiency levels. The use of Cerner can enhance efficiency and productivity as clinicians can spend less time charting and documenting data and focus more on patient care. Patient information can also be easily looked up as the software solution is intuitive. The built-in templates feature of the EHR software can reduce the amount of time spent by clinicians at CCMSD on clinical documentation.