A robust Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software solution can forward all patient data to the forefront, so care providers are well-informed and enhance the patient experience. Many hospitals in the US have worked hard to optimize their EHR Software for their emergency department.

Lawrence General optimizes its emergency department system

Lawrence General Hospital has optimized its MEDITECH Expanse system to empower clinicians with all the accurate information they require for targeted patient treatment at the emergency department.

The emergency room process may vary depending on the facility. Lawrence General has optimized various areas to help boost staff efficiency and enhance the user experience across the hospital.

3 Electronic Health Records Software tools to use to optimize emergency department functions

Healthcare organizations can make use of the following tools and features in their EHR software to streamline ED tasks to improve both the clinician and the patient experience.

  1. ED tracker to save time and stimulate efficiency – Data tracking is a critical area to regularly optimize based on how the hospital’s emergency department functions. It can be beneficial to have an EMR software system that offers customization for tracking to be transformed according to specific needs. The ED tracker transmits important patient data in real time to physicians to ensure that the right treatment plan is followed. Sometimes the ED tracker has a free text option that can be used to save time. This option within the tracker can be used to record any patient care updates and improves overall communication between providers and nurses.
  2. Order sets to streamline workflows – Through order sets, new ED staff can be trained well because they help to promote patient safety, and efficiency and offer evidence-based care. Oder sets can also be deployed on patient presentations or symptoms to make it simple for physicians to find the right orders. This can streamline emergency department tasks since the order sets can guide each step of the care process.
  3. Documentation templates to enhance precision  – Documentation in the ED should be focused to ensure data accuracy. The documentation templates in the EHR software system can be customized based on provider workflows and patient type.

Optimizing the ED tracker, order sets, and documentation templates can make life simple for doctors and nurses, helping them deliver high-quality patient care.