It is always worth taking a minute to look at some of the non-government hidden features and benefits of using an Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. EMRFinder is about to list off a number of hidden EHR software benefits. When you look through these features and benefits you will realize that you never knew that these features even existed.

Once you’ve adopted an EHR, you should start looking for the benefits that will ease your routine tasks and streamline practice’s workflow. Here are the top 5 guaranteed hidden features in an EMR software:

Notes and Prescriptions

We know that a physician’s handwriting is mocked all the time. While it is funny to joke about, it’s not funny if you’re the physician receiving one of those illegible notes or the billing office trying to get paid based on some illegible chart note. The beauty of a Practice Management (PM) software is that the notes are all typed in a font that can easily be read. The whole issue of physician handwriting goes out of the window.

Charts and Templates

Charts can be accessed in an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software in two different ways. There is no such thing like a lost chart in the EHR/EMR world. You can search by the patient’s name or other identifier and to instantly get access to the patient charts. The chart can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Gone are the late-night phone calls which require you to drive to the office to view the chart. An EMR software system can be accessed anywhere you have Internet.

Multiple User Accessibility

Only one person can use the paper chart at a time. All the workflows were created around the fact that not more than one person could work on the paper chart at a time. In an EHR software system the nurse, doctor, front desk, and billing staff, etc. can all work on the chart at the same time.

Data Recovery

An EMR system can be so much better in a disaster than a paper chart. If your chart room goes up in flames, what could you do? Not much. Your charts were lost. In the EHR world, you can easily create multiple backups and store them in multiple secure locations including secure offsite storage. This takes some thoughtful planning to do it right, but EHR makes it possible to store multiple copies of your data which minimizes your risk of lost data. This is so much better than a paper chart in a disaster. With a Cloud-based EMR this redundancy is often built in, and there is little or nothing you need to do.

Allergies and Drug Checking

Your EHR knows about your patients’ list of allergies and the drugs they are taking. These extra pieces of information can provide a much deeper analysis of any drug you’re looking to prescribe using your e-Prescribing software (e-Rx). This will save patients from the risk of allergies and overdose.

Obviously, this is just a small list of the guaranteed hidden features and benefits. We will create an even longer list of the possible, probable, and future benefits of an EHR/PM software in the near future.