Allen Country Regional Hospital has implemented Epic EHR software solution to enhance interoperability for care coordination and improve patient data security. The hospital is a part of Saint Luke’s Health System, which has 16 area hospitals with many primary and specialty care practices.

Upgrading to Epic EMR Software

Allen Country Hospital upgraded to Epic electronic medical records software system on the 1st of October. Using Epic solutions will allow Allen Country Regional Hospital and many primary care clinics located in Iola and Humboldt to seamlessly align patient health records, workflows, and billing with all other healthcare providers associated with Saint Luke’s Health System comprising home care, specialists, and laboratory.

Benefits of Epic EHR Software Implementation

Leveraging the robust Epic EMR Software solution will allow the hospital to offer better security and privacy to patients’ sensitive health information. The software will also support the seamless sharing of health information between care providers for optimum care coordination irrespective of where the patient receives care within the Saint Luke’s Health System.

Improved clinical care coordination through interoperability options will reduce fragmentation throughout care, improving providers’ care delivery. Investing in care coordination for Allen Country Regional Hospital will be fruitful as it has benefits for patients, clinicians, and payer organizations. Patients can receive high-quality care, providers are better informed and, wasteful spending is reduced as duplicative procedures and unnecessary testing are eliminated. Clinicians across different care settings can now have simple access to a patient’s complete medical history to offer personalized care.

Improved Patient Engagement

Patients of the hospital can have access to the patient portal platform. The patient portal EMR Software will allow patients to stay on top of their healthcare journey as they can access health information, receive test results, and pay online bills conveniently. Patients will also be able to communicate with their providers round the clock.  Healthcare experts say that patient portals are the best tools to boost patient engagement and patient satisfaction scores.

The staff and clinicians at Allen Country Regional Hospital have been trained to use the new EHR workflows to enhance the overall healthcare experience for all its patients.