Engaged patients are fundamentally important for healthcare providers. When patients are engaged they actively participate in their health and wellness decisions and care ultimately leading to improved patient outcome levels. When medical practices leverage patient engagement technology solutions, they can improve clinic operations and support patient centered-care according to a  report from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

Key findings from the report

  • The report revealed that 5 patient engagement solutions have a positive impact on patient engagement levels and help to streamline practice workflow. The 5 technologies include patient portals, appointment reminders, a check-in facility, digital payment options, and a telehealth platform.
  • Practice leaders can accelerate technological enhancements by embracing the following 5 step plan,
  1. Observe existing situations to realize opportunities for automation.
  2. Existing technologies should be reviewed to assess how they can overcome any patient engagement challenges.
  3. Root out best practices from peers.
  4. Identify ways to achieve patient engagement through technology solutions.
  5. Discuss with relevant stakeholders to start a change.

Patient engagement solutions to enhance patient experience and clinic operations

  • Patient Portal Software – The Patient Portal EMR Software is a robust platform that helps to connect providers and patients seamlessly on a HIPAA-compliant platform. The patient portal platform has features of clinical summaries, online bill payment options, prescription renewals, appointment scheduling, and receiving lab results which empower patients and also streamline front-desk tasks.
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders – The automatic appointment reminder capability of the patient portal software system helps to address the issue of patient no-shows by sending automatic appointment alerts before the doctors’ appointment.
  • Digital Patient Check-In – Digital patient check-in provides a digital waiting room experience for the patients. A queue management system enables patients to wait in their cars rather than crowding the waiting room. Patients can wait easily while listening to music, or talking over the phone as they are in their car. The patient engagement technology also helps to alleviate administrative burdens as the software tracks who is in line and who has checked in. The powerful solutions let patients automatically know when it’s time to enter the clinic.
  • Digital payment options – Digital payment options are becoming popular in healthcare settings. To enhance the patient experience most hospitals or practices offer the convenience of digital payment options to their patients. This also helps to make payment transactions cleaner and safer. It also helps to keep price transparency and enhances revenue cycle management.
  • Telehealth – Telehealth uses communication technologies to enable patients to have seamless access to healthcare services remotely and manage healthcare effectively. The telehealth software system has made care accessible even to patients living in rural areas.

The following patient engagement technologies need to be adopted by clinics to automate and make easy daily administrative tasks and also enhance patient satisfaction and retention rates.