According to a recent study, only 50.7% of the medical practices using an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software are fully satisfied with their software, while more than 40% of the healthcare providers are thinking about switching to a newer EMR Software.

Selecting the right Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software is crucial in improving the patient outcomes and saving time and money for your practice but the real deal lies in choosing the EMR Software which is perfect for your specific clinic. For this purpose, we present you a list of questions you can ask the vendor during the EMR Software demo, to make sure that the EHR Software you are about to purchase is perfect for your healthcare clinic.

Does this EMR Software fulfill my long-term needs?

Asking this question from your EHR or Practice Management (PM) Software vendor will help you find out if the software will be able to meet your current as well as future needs. Before approaching the vendor for the demo, establish a list of requirements you might have from the EMR System over a longer time and then see if the vendor you are going for addresses them properly or not.

Are there any hidden costs?

EMR Software come with a lot of upfront implementation costs. You need to be very clear on the total cost of the software before and after the implementation to avoid any misunderstandings or regrets later. To avoid huge upfront costs, you can opt for a Cloud-based EMR Software but that is totally up to your requirements.

How hard will the transition to the newer software be?

Shifting from an existing EHR Software System to a newer one is never an easy task since it requires a lot of training and testing on the part of the staff of your medical practice. If you get an idea of how difficult is the new software going to be in terms of the implementation and staff training, you can decide better if that really is the software for you or not.

Is the customer support effective?

In the beginning days of the implementation, you will need maximum contact with the vendor on discussing the minor problems you’ll be having. Software support can play an important role in how successful the PM Software proves to be for your practice. Make sure that the support being offered is effective and certified professionals deal with all your queries.

Is the EHR Software certified?

To comply for Meaningful Use (MU) and Medicare or Medicaid Reimbursement Programs, the EMR Software Solution you are using must be ONC-ATCB Certified and comply with all the data recording requirements. Although EMR vendors proudly advertise if their software is ONC Certified, still it is a good practice to ask for it explicitly just to be sure.