Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software makes it possible for doctors to Update, share and secure patient data digitally. The patient health data can easily be shared with labs, other clinics, and hospital facilities. It streamlines workflows promoting administrative and clinical efficiencies.

A Cardiology EHR Software system meets the complex needs of the cardiologist. The EMR Software supports common cardiology tests and can be integrated with user equipment with ease. The specialty-specific EHR Software offers complete Practice Management (PM), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Patient Engagement solutions.

There are many vendors in the Software market that sell the Cardiology EHR Software, however, to make the right decision is challenging.  It is necessary that the Cardiology EHR Software is HIPAA Compliant and complying with the latest Meaningful Use (MU) standards.

To ease the decision making task the EMRFinder has compiled a list of top 5 best Electronic Medical Records (EMR)  Software for the practice of Cardiology.

  1. Kareo ClinicalKareo Clinical EHR Software offers an all-inclusive web-based EHR solution to cardiologists. Complete patient records can be accessible all round the clock. The perfect mobility enables cardiologists to share clinical records within and across care settings. Cardiology specific templates and an easy interface simplifies documentation and enables the doctor to enhance patient care.
  2. drChrono drChrono offers web-based EHR facilities to its users. The EMR Software can capture and record outcomes from arterial studies. The scheduling feature assists in appointment consistency. Automatic reminders are sent to ensure no-shows and missed appointments. The cardiology specific coding helps data entry and reduces coding errors.
  3. Athena Cardiology EHRAthenahealth Cardiology EHR Software provides an integrated EHR Software solution to cardiologists. The cloud-based services integrate with population management, billing services, patient engagement and practice management tools. Specialized templates, data analysis and simplified report generation help the cardiologist to improve care.
  4. AdvancedMDAdvancedMD EHR Software provides intuitive cloud-based solutions to cardiologists. Cardiovascular analytics provides insights to doctors. The user-friendly interface is easy to use and is Meaningful Use Certified. It enables structured reporting on cardiology modules. Reporting solution feature helps physicians to create and report on diagnostic modalities like PET, EKG and Holter.
  5. NueMD NueMD is a cloud-based EHR Software system offering a complete integrated suite of solutions. It is HIPAA Compliant and provides high protection of patient data. Cardiology specific templates are available which can be easily customized according to specific needs. Billing options include single click paper claims and integrated credit card processing. NueMD EHR Software eases data entry assignments through text or dictation data entry options. Through these features, less time is spent on documentation and the doctor can concentrate on better patient care.

The above Cardiology EMR Software system vendors provide robust features to improve cardiology workflows and aids in streamlining your practice.