Covid-19 has altered the healthcare ecosystem altogether by shifting trends for both healthcare practitioners and patients to make use of EHR software solutions like never before. EHR software system provides a robust solution to tackle the COVID-19 virus.

The EHR software vendors have extended and broadened their impact by making EHR telehealth a major option for patients to receive care remotely and implementing EHR dashboards which helps to treat patients with the novel coronavirus. Integrated Electronic health record software also aids to streamline patient information and data during the outbreak of the pandemic.

EHR Software can be used effectively to treat COVID-19 Patients

  1. Streamlining Patient Data through Integrated EHR Software – Integrated Electronic health records software system helps clinicians to diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients effectively. The integrated EHR software helps to communicate with each patients’ status and treatment plans. For example, Island Health uses Cerner Millennium®, especially for this purpose. The EHR software also helps clinicians to reach out to the community to offer monitoring and in-home care. The integrated EHR also helps hospital staff and clinicians to manage the pandemic by reaching out to the community at large for testing. The seamless data and information flow across different care avenues help hospitals to work more efficiently to treat patients in this hectic phase.
  2. Implementing EHR Software Dashboards – COVID-19 EHR dashboards have been developed by researchers to track COVID-19 and respond more effectively using data through the EHR software. COVID-19 patient data is extremely useful to enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes. The data can be used to learn about the potential hot spots in an area. This data helps leaders to make fast decisions during the crisis. When hospitals and health care systems are connected to an EHR software platform, officials can easily predict the future of the virus and classify patterns.
  3. Increasing the Use of Telehealth – The prominence and boom of EHR telehealth due to low hospital capacity and overcrowding of hospitals cannot be ignored. Practitioners, health care systems, and governments are encouraging communities all over the world to use the telehealth platform to help limit the spread of the virus. Millions of virtual online consultations are taking place to help diagnose, treat, and offer care to patients. Primary care visits are taking place virtually in order to practice social distancing effectively and treat patients remotely. Through telehealth, practitioners can easily analyze early and mild symptoms of the virus and can suggest self-quarantine before things get bad. On-going patient monitoring is also possible through the telehealth platform.


EHR software solutions have helped practitioners to prepare for the spike in patients and support the safety of both frontline staff and patients by keeping the curve low. Electronic health information exchange can further facilitate effective strategies like surveillance, clinical data collection, and case management to combat COVID-19.