Neurologists have trusted electronic imaging data for quite some time even before the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software. From MRI’s and CAT scans to sleep studies and EEG’s, the reliability and accuracy of these medical imaging data systems are extremely important for delivering good quality neurology care.

As per “Defending The Solo And Small Practice Neurologist” by Elaine Jones-David Evans, “Since the 2010 Act (ACA), a 2% decrease in private neurology practice and 5% decrease in solo neurology practice was seen. It was evident solo/small practices are facing challenges.

One of the findings was Small practices run on a budget and EMR software often costs a lot. As EMR Software that is less expensive or free often become dead weight and practices are stuck with them. Incentive programs such as “Meaningful use” were a good step in that direction as they helped in negating this misconception by offsetting the costs of EMR Software so that streamlining the workflow of a small or solo practice by opting for a robust Cloud-based Neurology EMR Software became easier. In addition to that, there are a number of top of the line budgeted EMR & PM software options that are more than capable to improve your practice efficiency.

Features of Neurology / Neurosurgery EMR Software

Besides equipment compatibility, the right EMR for your medical practice should make your life easier. After the initial training, all your staff should be using the software to automate redundant tasks and focus more on the potions. The daily operations of your neurology practice should not have to adapt to accommodate EMR software. Here are the must-have features of a Cloud-Based Neurology EMR Software:

  • Migrate all the patient’s data to a secure source that is accessible from any authorized computer.

  • Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and group practice reporting option

  • Integration with the EMR of external imaging centers.

  • Neurology Specific templates

  • e-Prescribing

  • Medical Billing

  • ICD-10 Coding

  • Interoperability

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Patient portal

  • Practice Management

Top 10 Neurology / Neurosurgery EMR Software for US practices.

There are so many Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software available in the market that it gets really hard for you to choose the right one for your neurology practice. Most physicians and small practices think that buying a free EMR software is enough, but this is seldom the case. Here are our budgeted top picks for your practice.

  1. Athenahealth EMR Software

  2. Practice Fusion EHR Software

  3. drchrono EHR Software

  4. Epic EHR Software

  5. ChartLogic EHR Suite

  6. Kareo Clinical EHR Software

  7. NueMD EHR Software

  8. MediTouch EMR System

  9. CareCloud EHR Software

  10. CureMD EHR Software

Affordable EMR software that are designed exclusively for a neurologist’s workflow are really beneficial. But you really need to look at your workflow to determine the administrative aspects of the EHR and also consult your provider to ensure that the software you are choosing only provides those features and not more than what you need.