Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software aids medical practices to work effectively through the help of technology. With thousands of EMR/EHR vendors out there it’s tricky to select the best pick especially for a small practice because there are cost constraints.

Small practices require affordable cloud-based EMR/EHR Software offering the same functionalities without a compromise. Based on recent market research, small practices are willing to spend $400-$500 per month for an EMR/EHR Software.

Top 10 EMR & EHR Software for Small Practices 2019

We’ve designated a list of top 10 affordable EMR/EHR and Practice Management (PM) software vendors that provide all-inclusive features providing a cost-effective solution. Before consolidating a list the following questions were kept in mind –

  • Is installation and implementation easy?
  • Does the vendor provide training? Do they charge for the training program?
  • Are free host and upgrades available?
  • Are there any maintenance costs?
  • Does the EMR offer integration facilities?
  • Does the EMR/EHR offer E-prescription (e-Rx) features and the availability of a user-friendly patient portal?
  • How reliable and flexible the Software system is?

It is a misconception that affordable EMR/EHR Software systems are unable to provide complete solutions such as scheduling, Practice Management (PM) solutions and analytics. The following 10 EMR/EHR Software vendors are reasonably priced and are easy to use.

  1. Kareo Clinical EHRKareo Clinical EHR Software is a cloud-based solution for small practices. Complete Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management solutions are provided. Kareo charges $75 per user every month.
  2. Practice Fusion Practice Fusion EMR Software is HIPAA Compliant and has a cloud-based deployment. Key features provided by the EMR Software include e-Prescribing, lab integrations, scheduling, and simplified charting. A monthly cost of $99 is charged per user every month.
  3. NueMD NueMD EMR Software provides good value for money. It offers EHR, billing and Practice Management solutions at a cost of $99/month.
  4. PrognoCIS – The PrognoCIS EHR Software is certified for meaningful use. It is best for single practitioners and small medical practices. The EMR Software provides Patient Engagement tools like patient portal and scheduling. Charting is simplified through an intuitive dashboard plus billing solutions streamline financial processes. The starting price of PrognoCIS EMR is $250 per month.
  5. Praxis EMR – The Praxis EMR Software uses artificial intelligence technology rather than templates. The EMR is highly customizable to needs and charges $259 monthly.
  6. ChartLogic EHR SuiteChartLogic EHR Suite provides EMR, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and Patient Engagement solutions. Seamless lab integration connects to hundreds of labs within the country.
  7. EPIC EHR SoftwareEpic EHR Software provides a robust solution under $500 per month. The software is customizable to needs and offers complete Practice Management and billing solutions.
  8. AthenaHealth EHR SoftwareAthenahealth EHR Software of the largest EHR Software vendor in the United States. It provides Population Health Management solutions and also complete integrated billing and scheduling features.
  9. SammyEHRSammyEHR Software provides an easy electronic billing program and Electronic Health Records program that is completely integrated. Best for small to medium-sized practices.
  10. drchrono EHR SoftwaredrChrono EHR Software provides cloud-based solutions to small practices. Features include scheduling, patient portal, reports, and integration and billing solutions.

Decision Step

We’ve covered all cost-effective EMR/EHR solutions to support your decision-making process. Best of luck!