Hospitals and medical clinics must generate a positive experience for their patients. This is only possible if the patient intake process is efficient and given high priority. The patient intake process is the immediate touch point patients have with practice and a good experience will last forever and will also help to retain patients and encourage new ones to visit a practice.

What is the patient intake?

Patient intake is the process of collecting all patient information before their visit. The important data includes demographic, clinical data, insurance, payment, and consent forms. The intake process can be taxing and requires participation from both the provider and the patient.

Why is an efficient patient intake process important?

If there are issues and delays in the patient intake process then this will negatively impact patient satisfaction scores and a hospital’s profitability. The issue of no-shows can cost the healthcare business a lot. The good news is that practices can reduce patient no-shows by enhancing their patient intake process. Improving the patient intake process is also the need of the time because this year hospitals can expect a 4% increase in patient volumes.

When the patient intake process is optimized then practices will be able to handle more patients and also maintain a pleasant patient experience.

Streaming the patient intake process with technology

It only makes sense to digitize and automate the patient intake process as manual and paper-based intake leads to administrative inefficiencies, consumes a lot of time, and can result in inaccuracies.

A robust patient intake solution digitizes the entire check-in process to eliminate any waiting room backlogs, reduce data entry errors, and streamline the administrative process so staff members have the time to focus on other tasks. At least  60 percent of practices have reported that a digital patient intake solution has helped their practice to get more efficient and focus on the patient experience.

Benefits of using a Patient intake EMR Software

  • Helps to boost patient satisfaction as the intake process is streamlined.
  • Improves practice efficiency as manual workflows are eliminated.
  • Enhances practice management.
  • Digital intake forms improve accuracy and mitigate data entry mistakes.
  • Digital intake forms enhance patient data security as they ensure compliance with HIPAA.
  • Minimize the administrative burden on staff members and keep burnout at bay.

The right Patient Intake EMR Software technology has the power to simplify workflows and transform the patient intake process to leave an everlasting positive impact on patients.