There are hundreds of EMR Software companies in the US today and most of them offer their services to a wide range of specialties such as Cardiology, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology and General Surgery. However, in the field of healthcare, “one size fits all” does not apply and there are many things that a generic Electronic Medical Records software simply cannot offer to specialist physicians.

Each medical specialty is complex and requires physicians to incorporate and capture several key elements in their medical findings. Relying on a generic EHR Software with integrated Practice Management software may accomplish and help manage the administrative as well as the financial operations in a medical practice, but cannot provide specialists with the right clinical tools required to get their most important job done.

As an example, dermatologists require careful evaluation and examination of the patient’s skin along with the consideration of multiple factors such as laboratory tests, medications etc. Dermatologists, therefore, need to record their observations in a more visually representative manner. Therefore, a Dermatology EHR Software system must offer more than just textual input. A visual body chart and/or a method to take live photos of the skin with annotation capacities will be more useful and meaningful to a Dermatologist.

Fortunately, the Electronic Health Records market has come forward in the right direction with several EMR vendors offering customized solutions for certain medical specialties only. Therefore, specialist physician today must look for more than just a basic set of features. They must not have to alter or update their developed method of clinical documentation and should find a suitable EMR software that can accommodate their existing style and complexity of clinical documentation.

EHR software companies like EZDerm and Modernizing Medicine are among a handful of Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records solution providers that offer a unique and intuitive solution specifically designed for Dermatologists. While Modernizing Medicine has expanded to include solutions for other medical specialties like Orthopedics and Gastroenterology, EZDerm has continued support for Dermatology only.