Data is valuable and the lifeblood of healthcare organizations. Understanding this many health systems have invested in cloud-based EMR Software solutions as it gives them the flexibility to access data from anywhere and store it securely.

Cloud-Based Functionality rolled out by Oracle Cerner Software

Recently, there have been advancements in cloud-based features and applications by the Oracle Cerner EHR Software system. The electronic medical records software vendor has announced innovative cloud-based software functionalities aiming to boost the patient experience and reduce physician burden by streamlining workflows.

The Next Generation EHR Software

The new generation EMR Software system platform designed for the cloud is focused on improving both patient and provider experience. The new cloud-based software is intuitive and user-friendly and offers a secure patient portal for its users.

The robust Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software by Oracle Cerner has a patient portal solution that uses simple voice commands to enhance the patient experience.

How will the new Oracle Health EHR Software Benefit Patients?

The modern EMR Software system interface is designed in a way that is simple to navigate and provides self-service options for patients to empower them. Through the patient portal functionality, patients can easily and quickly provide their health data with minimum data entry.

The data entry process is simplified and automated as patients can conveniently sign in the HIPAA compliance forms digitally and upload a picture of their driver’s license which automatically shows in the electronic health records software.

This provides updated information for both patients and providers to view reducing any chances of errors and inaccuracies. Furthermore, patients can use voice commands to schedule appointments and check lab results on the patient portal software platform.

Public APIs for an Open Ecosystem

Oracle Health is working towards developing an open and interoperable environment with its EHR Software system. Oracle Cerner will be making its financial and clinical resources open to the public through APIs. The new Application Programming Interfaces will improve integration with Oracle Health and will allow customers, and third-party vendors greater room for customization to meet individual needs.

With the help of these open APIs, healthcare organizations will be able to access a wider ecosystem of solutions to address business problems and enhance employee and patient experiences.