Tebra EHR Software is a one-stop solution to automate practice workflows and enable practices to perform well and stay competitive. To modernize and simplify the complete patient journey, Kareo and Patient Pop have collaborated to introduce the all-in-one Tebra platform offering robust tools to improve care delivery and boost patient satisfaction scores.

The Importance of Improved Patient Experience

Healthcare organizations know that building a patient-centric care experience is vital which offers convenient solutions for appointment scheduling, reminders, patient portals, and mobile payment options. This contributes to a positive patient experience that plays a part in the overall success of healthcare organizations.

Positive patient experience can yield the following benefits:

  • Enhanced health outcomes as satisfied patients are more likely to adhere to treatment plans.
  • Improved patient satisfaction which strengthens the bond between the provider and the patient.
  • Reduced medical errors since patients with a positive experience are less likely to miscommunicate.
  • A positive reputation of the medical practice can attract new patients, ultimately increasing the revenue stream.

Patient Experience Solutions by Tebra Software

Every practice depends on its patients. The robust Patient experience products by Tebra EMR Software make care delivery exceptionally smooth for the patient as well as the practice by streamlining every patient communication moment.

These solutions are tailored to give patients more control over their continuing care, from scheduling to payments and all in between. This can ensure that patients and clinicians have enduring and strong relationships that go beyond their visits.

The following are patient experience tools by Tebra Software System:

Online Patient Scheduling

The intuitive online scheduling tool empowers patients to directly book appointments from the comfort of their homes. Tebra’s online scheduling system allows patients to easily view, select, and confirm their appointments online.

The online scheduling solution is designed to simplify the booking process and even reduce staff burden. When patients can book online the chances of no-shows are also minimized.

Automated Appointment Reminders

With too many commitments in today’s fast-moving world patients are bound to forget their scheduled appointments. With Tebra’s automated appointment reminders sent by SMS or Email, patients can now show up timely at the doctor’s office. This can help address the grave issue of appointment cancellations, and no-shows.

The automated reminders feature also streamlines communication as front desk staff doesn’t have to go through the hassle of making reminder phone calls to patients.

Patient Intake

Tebra’s patient intake facility enables patients to complete intake forms before their visit. This can save time, and streamline the patient visit experience. The digital intake forms can be accessed and filled out by patients via their smartphones. When intake forms are prepared for review, staff members are alerted and can quickly incorporate patient information into the Tebra platform.

Text Messaging Facility

Text messaging is a quick and efficient way to communicate for both patients and healthcare providers. Open and simple communication options can improve the patient experience and offer the flexibility to interact at any time of the day.

Patient Portal

The patient portal platform by Tebra software system empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey. The patient portal is HIPAA-compliant allowing patients to share medical records, make payments, view lab results, and communicate with care teams securely.

Moving Ahead

The Tebra Software system delivers a complete patient experience by offering the above-mentioned tools. Independent practices can now automate, optimize, and simplify workflows with Tebra solutions. Tebra understands that patients are the life force of any practice, and keeping them satisfied should be the top priority of any practice.