For the past nine months, Houlton Regional Hospital (HRH) has been on the road to upgrading its existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software to a new solution. The hospital in Maine is  implementing the MEDITECH EHR system in the hope to optimize clinical workflows and care coordination. Work on the new software solution began in early 2022 and is now at its completion stage.

How will the new MEDITECH EMR Software help Houlton Regional Hospital?

Through the robust MEDITECH electronic health records software HRH will be able to streamline its workflows for enhanced efficiency levels. The interoperability options in the EHR software will allow a seamless exchange of information between the hospital and Houlton Regional Hospital Outpatient physician Office practices to support care coordination for quality patient care.

Administrative and clinical workflows will improve on many levels and help the hospital provide safe and high-quality care in a coordinated manner. MEDITECH electronic medical records software will ensure that for the very first time every single patient interaction from anywhere within the hospital system to integrate into one single platform. This will create a completely integrated medical record for patients in HRH.

The software also offers a patient portal platform

The MEDITECH platform will also offer intuitive and powerful Patient Portal EMR Software. The platform will allow patients to feel empowered from the start of their care journey as they can easily access health information, schedule appointments, and sign consent forms from their smartphones or tablets. Patients can also use the patient portal platform to upgrade any information regarding medications, insurance, address, and phone numbers. This ensures the information is up-to-date to be used by staff members and providers.

The staff members at the hospital are learning to navigate the new EHR software system so they can maximize the benefits from it. Some modest care delays are expected in the first weeks of the implementation phase. It is no doubt that good EMR software has the power to optimize clinical workflows and take patient care to the next level.