Epic EMR Software vendor just recently launched a new website that gives a platform for healthcare stakeholders supporting them to understand its health IT, conferring to reporting from the Wisconsin State Journal. The website, epicshare.org. Gained thousands of subscribers in the first few weeks. Readers, the general public, and healthcare stakeholders are finding the concept of the website interesting as its providing a place to share and exchange thoughts and best practices for health IT.

What is EpicShare?

EpicShare is an online hub where healthcare executives and stakeholders can share their IT experiences openly and gain valuable insights on using Epic solutions to enhance organizational workflows.

EpicShare has five sections namely, perspectives, news watch, share and learn, tips and tricks, and hey Judy. Hey Judy is a very interesting part of the website in which Epic founder and CEO Judy Faulkner share her thoughts and interesting stories.

The Perspectives section of EpicShare provides industry insights from healthcare executives which can help stakeholders in the healthcare sector gain better knowledge about healthcare IT.

The News Watch tab of the website has published articles and blog posts related to the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software, EHR Software data that facilitates healthcare delivery.

The Tips and Tricks section consists of QandAs connected to clinician satisfaction, efficiency, and preventing physician burnout. Readers can also post their own questions by suggesting a topic related to healthcare IT.

Moving Ahead

New ideas and actionable insights from healthcare executives from EpicShare help readers and providers stay on top of whatever is happing in the healthcare IT world. While the website is mainly for healthcare stakeholders, however, patients can also use the website as a study tool for themselves. The EHR vendor has also created a Twitter account for EpicShare. The increase in online presence through the website is a great initiative for stakeholders to maximize their health IT investment and act as an educational resource platform for many.