Adventist Health Mendocino Coast (AHMC) hospital in California will go live with its updated Oracle Cerner Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software on the 1st of December. The hospital announced a $12 million Cerner EMR system implementation which is expected to enhance interoperability across the hospital’s entire health network. Interoperability is crucial in healthcare as it allows the seamless sharing of health information to support care coordination to deliver high-quality patient care.

Benefits of Cerner EHR Software implementation for AHMC hospital

The new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solution will integrate all hospital workflows and functions to streamline, patient registration, reporting results, physician orders, and insurance billing to boost efficiency levels.

Moreover, the Oracle Cerner EHR technology will allow healthcare providers to easily access lab and x-ray results to improve the patient diagnosis and care process regardless of the Adventist Health Network facility. The software solution can improve the provider’s ease of access to offer safe care to their patients.

Cerner interoperability

Cerner interoperability will allow AH Mendocino Coast (AHMC) hospital to make data flow smoothly using standards. Through connections and nationwide exchange clinicians at AHMC will have access to all relevant and crucial information. Doctors will have a complete picture of the patient to make confident care decisions.

Patient Portal access for patients

A survey from Advisory Board revealed that patients are more engaged in their health than before. Consumers want to stay on top of their healthcare journey and participate throughout the care process.

The new platform will enable patients to access a robust patient portal solution. Through the intuitive portal software patients can easily view personal health information such as test results. The patient portal platform also has a two-way HIPAA Compliant messaging platform for patients to communicate with their care team and even offers the facility to schedule appointments. The scheduling process is streamlined through the portal to improve the user experience. Empowered patients are always satisfied.

Oracle Cerner EMR Software implementation

A lot of planning has gone into the implementation process to make it smooth. The vendor and healthcare organization have tested the system and offered vast training to both staff members and providers. The training sessions have ensured that everyone is hands-on using the new electronic health records software to reap maximum benefits.