The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people to stay indoors to lower the curve and practice social distancing. Healthcare providers and governments are urging people to stay indoors and avoid outside contact to risk exposure to the virus. Virtual visits are working best during the pandemic as prompt care can be received without having to go to the doctor’s clinic. Maintaining social distance protocols as advised by clinician’s appointments can be easily handled via telehealth and these bookings and sessions have expanded largely for a few months since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The virtual sessions and visits work well and appointments can be scheduled easily through doctor appointment booking app. Since the pandemic has crippled and troubled the best hospital systems of the world people can use the on-demand doctor appointment apps for mild cases and symptoms to receive care from home. The healthcare apps have seen a leap in the market and will continue to exponentially grow as it is convenient, safe, and a fast means of receiving doctor advice.

The Core Features of a Doctor Appointment Booking App

For the Healthcare Providers –

  • Location – This includes the address of the doctor’s clinic or the hospital facility where he or she works. This feature also includes a distance counter to calculate how much time it will take for the patient to arrive at the given location.
  • Photographs – The photographs feature prove authentication. Doctors can add their photograph or the place they work in.
  • Specialty – This section will comprise of the clinician’s area of experience, services they provide, and certification.
  • Ratings – The reviews and ratings reflect how the doctor is at work. A good review will naturally develop trust in the potential patient.

For the Patient Profile –

  • Name and phone number – This helps to increase accessibility and doctors can make direct contact with the patient if the need arises.
  • Address – This section helps to locate doctors near you and also helps to locate in times of emergencies.
  • Other Information – This includes a medical history and data like gender, age, and allergies.

A search function is available in the appointment booking app which provides ease of access to patients. The search function is available for all categories for example heart, bones, and pain management which allows patients to locate and pinpoint the most suitable doctors for them. Once a healthcare provider is found an appointment can be easily booked online. Once the appointment is booked patients and doctors can be connected via a built-in two-way chat option and live video consultations. Through these virtual sessions, patients can get an authorized e-Prescription (e-Rx) without having to visit the doctors’ office. This allows patients to get quick medication as advised by the healthcare provider through the online virtual session. There are document sharing options these can be attached easily and shared in a matter of a few seconds with the doctor so they can understand the medical situation well. Also, online payment options are available for the patient which includes credit, debit, and any third party transfer.

Final Take

Especially during the COVID-10 pandemic, a doctor appointment booking app has become a necessity to identify any positive cases through the online virtual sessions. In the case of early symptoms, doctors can easily provide immediate diagnosis and on-going timely care through the virtual platform. The app furthermore provides mobility for doctors and provides easy access in case of emergency. Video visits are an easy way to communicate and allow patients to receive care remotely.